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N.K.Subbiah  Setty & Sons was founded in the year 1932 by late N.K. Subbiah Setty, who is considered as a pioneer in the field of Agarbathi Manufacture. The specialities are  Masala Bathies called as Herbals, Flora Bathies and Scented Bathies.

Manufacturing a product that has a history of a century or more, using modern and scientific manufacturing methods is a challenging task. N.K.S & Sons, have not only successfully met this challenge but also have been constantly setting new benchmarks when it comes to the manufacturing of incense. Their manufacturing unit and office provide clean, comfortable and ambient work environment.

Process of Manufacture:

Various Ingredients like the masala powder, jigat and charcoal powder are mixed in water and made into a thick paste. This paste is rolled on the split bamboo sticks of various thickness. This is allowed to dry in the shade for about half or a full day depending upon the temperature.

These which are called Raw Agarbathi is dipped in the perfume and allowed for some time for the excess perfume to drip down and the bathi is relatively dry.

This perfumed agarbathi is packed by hand in various packets of attractively printed designs and market all over.



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